Nutrition for Sustainable Health

Sustainable Health is…

…the on-going vitality generated by the food you eat and the energetic effects of your daily life on your well-being.  A nutrient-dense diet lays the foundation for the creation of a self-sustaining state of optimal health, emotional balance, and vibrant energy.

Sustainable Health Coaching

Move Forward with a Deep Nourishment Plan

Source Nutrition offers Sustainable Health Coaching to guide you towards healing and optimal wellness as you find your way through the maze of diets, myths, nutrition facts and endless choices.

Real Food Diet and Functional Nutrition Basics

Learn practical strategies to prepare enjoyable meals that are energizing and improve your mood, and weight without feeling hungry or deprived and eliminate physical cravings for carbs and sweets.

Meal Planning for Optimum Energy

Discover how to feel more satisfied with less by finding the right portion for you. Learn how to balance meals and snacks, choose quality foods, and care for your food to maintain its life force.

Qualitative Eating and Cooking

Learn simple practices to introduce ritual into your relationship to cooking and eating that enhance the nourishment you gain from your food. When you bring your consciousness to the preparation and eating of nutrient dense food you can eat less and feel more satisfied.

Body Sensing

Develop your body awareness skills to enhance your sensitivity to the energetic effects of food and strengthen the connection between your choices and how they make you feel. It’s the missing link in the plethora of diet approaches, yet it is essential for self-awareness, self-healing, and lasting change.

An understanding of nutrition and diet can provide the nidus from which a new ecological harmony can be created. The food that one eats is his own personal contact, day in and day out, with the ecological system in which he is embedded. Consciousness of food then becomes ultimately a consciousness of the overall ecological matrix. An appreciation of the purity and of the vibrant, health-giving properties of the food that we eat will lead us gradually to realize that our own clarity of mind and well-being is inextricably linked with the clarity and well-being of the universe of which we are but a small part.
Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.