Sports Nutrition for Runners and
Endurance Athletes

Do You Know Your Daily Diet…

  • Can give you the edge in competition or take it away?
  • Can be the culprit if you “bonk” on your long runs or in competition?
  • Can enhance your recovery after a workout or make you feel exhausted the rest of the day?
  • Can help prevent injuries and decrease inflammation from stress fractures, strains and sprains?

Eat Better — Run • Swim • Bike Faster

With all the hours you spend in training are you getting the nourishment you need to support optimal performance? Or are you letting your nutrition slide due to lack of time or expertise, and confusion about what food is best to eat?

Sports training creates nutrient demands on the body that can exceed the capacity of an average diet, leading to slow recovery, increased injuries and decreased performance.

It’s more than sports bars and pasta! Learn a practical and enjoyable way to eat that can improve your energy, stamina, recovery and performance.

Daily Fare

Learn the key elements to planning your weekly menu along with meal and snack ideas to complement your training schedule.

Sustainable Health Coaching

Get help balancing your life so it supports your training aspirations.

Race Fueling

Learn what to eat before, during and after your event.

Nutrition for Endurance

New to sports drinks and gels? Learn how to fuel for long runs, marathons and ultramarathons! Learn what to do for common symptoms on the run like stomach problems, electrolyte depletion, and bonking.

Get the Edge

“With Lynn’s help, both in training and on race day, I’ve learned the power of quality nutrition for stamina and recovery. She helped me sort through the multitude of sports nutrition diets and products to develop a plan for my demanding training and performance goals.”
Steve Peterson
Winner, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘99, ’01, Leadville Trail 100
Winner 2005, 100 Mile National Championship
Winner 2005, 24 Hour National Championship

“The information you provided me helped me hit my personal best time and reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Your advice was healing, but even more important was your compassion and listening to me during a vulnerable time. Thank you so much!”
Virginia S.