About Lynn

The esoteric nutrition coach

Lynn Smith-Source NutritionLynn Smith MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist and holistic life coach offering functional nutrition therapy and DietAlchemy holistic life coaching. In her pursuit of a meaningful life she has developed a deep commitment to understanding the interconnectedness of all levels of life and how our daily diet and living choices impact our inner ecology as well as the outer ecology of life on the planet.

She brings an uncommon perspective on nourishment and consciousness into her work with clients to integrate a balanced life with a nourishing real food diet. Her synthesis of ancient wisdom on diet and healing, with current knowledge on the use of food, herbs and nutrients provides clients with sensible alternatives for common health concerns.

Her counsel to clients is grounded in her own daily efforts with practices of meditation, daily renewal, conscious eating and cooking, and running. She enjoys a delicious, organic, whole foods diet that is seasonally enhanced by homegrown vegetables from her garden. The garden and growing things is one of her passions that provides not only vital food full of chi but also is a metaphor for life and living and how all things are connected.

Her struggle to harness the speed of everyday life taught her how important daily lifestyle choices are in bringing balance to living in harmony with her values of simplicity, mindfulness, eating healthy food and exercising, and being consistent with a meditation practice.

Observing that many clients nutrition programs were constantly waylaid by their daily choices spurred her pursuit of life coaching as a powerful means to help people create lasting change and overcome faulty habits with nourishment that doesn’t nourish.

Because knowing what to eat isn’t enough to create lasting change in eating habits, she counsels clients on strategies that enhance body awareness, addresses emotional issues related to food and nourishment, and coaches clients to clarify their values and life vision to bring harmony and inspiration to their daily choices.

Lynn Smith - Source NutritionLynn is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri – Rolla and has over fifteen years of experience as a nutritionist and natural foods chef.

She specializes in nutrition for depression, anxiety & addiction, sports nutrition for runners, and is a holistic life coach and recovery coach. For more than fifteen years she has used diet, nutrients and a functional nutrition medicine approach to aid clients in successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

As an ultra-distance runner and nutrition adviser to many endurance athletes, she understands the rigors of training and the demands of the body for quality nutrition to achieve peak performance, reduce injuries, and enhance recovery time.

If you would like to explore functional nutrition therapy or DietAlchemy holistic life coaching with Lynn, please call her at 303.448.0808 or send her an email with the online contact form.