This is a great camping or hotel meal and provides an easy way to keep the thread with your diet while travelling.  A meal that is the right portion for you and that has quality ingredients can be hard to come by on the road…..

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Angry Red Planet (fondly known as ARP)

This sustaining meal has made the rounds all over the country as the favorite pre-race meal of many ultra-runner champions and competitors.  It has the nutrient density and grounded earth energy that you need to go the distance whether it’s your weekend long run, a….

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Yogurt is another great “GO TO” meal since it’s quick and easy and you can prepare it ahead time. Best to add the nuts or seeds shortly before you eat it.

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Savory-Thyme Grain and Veggie (ST for short)

This is one of my all-time favorite simple and quick meals. Try it for breakfast and notice how good your energy feels. It’s an especially beautiful meal with yellow squash, red onion and rainbow Swiss chard.

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If you think you don’t like oatmeal give this recipe a try.  I could write a book of testimonials about this meal from people who swore they didn’t like oatmeal to mountain bikers who no longer bonked halfway through their ride.  And it’s simple, inexpensive….

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