DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coaching

Food for the Soul

When you become aware of the deeper reality of food as energy and energy in many forms is nourishment, hidden sources of nutrients become available to you that are beyond food alone. Your relationship to your activities, to the natural world, to people, to yourself, and even the way you move through your day offer endless opportunities to partake in the feast of life in a way that truly nurtures your seed creating vitality and well-being.

DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coaching

Begin your exploration of the 7 Sources of Nourishment with a DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coach and create a “whole life” nourishment plan that gives you the leverage to overcome old habits and builds your foundation to sustain vitality, balance and well-being.

The Wheel of Craving

All too often we get stuck in a cycle of dis-ease, trying to feel better temporarily with food, distractions, or stimulation of some sort. The cycle starts over again and again. Instead of feeling whole and vital we feel tired, grouchy or bored, and disappointed in life – and anything but present.

The Inner Alchemy of Nourishment

DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coaching helps you discover the inner alchemy of nourishment that happens when you are able to infuse into yourself the enriching qualities and energies of your daily life. This is the secret to needing less and feeling more satisfied – whether it’s with food or things or experiences.

Mindfulness Builds Presence

You may be asking how do you go about doing that? There are several ingredients, the first of which is to become more conscious or mindful with your experience. Mindfulness builds presence and is like a muscle that can be strengthened with practice over and over again in the mundane activities of your day.

A Home Within

The next ingredient is to create a center, a home within yourself, that your experience can actually gravitate to and collect around and that’s not constantly swayed by the circumstances of your life. You build a stronger center, deeper roots, and eventually more capacity to be present by making intentional efforts to renew your focus and attention throughout the activities of your day.

Holistic Living Plan

The last essential ingredient for infusing the riches of your experiences is to design your life in such a way that the daily rev doesn’t keep uprooting the tender seeds of mindfulness you are trying to sow – whether it’s with your diet, exercise, or emotional balance. Ultimately those moments of mindfulness are the nutrients that nourish the deeper part of you.

Nourish the Body-Mind Connection

As you work through the 7 Sources of Nourishment with your DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coach you will be able to integrate the holistic nutrition and intentional living activities that are important to you in a practical and sustainable way – building an inner life as your center of gravity. Simple actions with mindful eating, conscious cooking, consistency with exercise, daily prayer or meditation, and using organic whole foods, gardening or growing your own food bring a deep sense of nourishment and inner alignment.

…and I hope it will stimulate you to become more conscious of the mind-body relationship and realize that food is not necessarily equivalent to nutrition.
Jack Schwarz

…and what is called nutrition in and of itself does not necessarily create the well-being experienced when you have a sense of true nourishment.
Lynn Smith