7 Sources of Nourishment

The Foundation for Vitality, Balance and Well-Being

See your dreams blossom when you create a “whole life” nourishment plan with the 7 Sources and a DietAlchemy Coach as your guide.

1st SOURCE — Cultivating Stillness and Calm. Presence. Building a center, a home within yourself.

The point of leverage with making lasting changes with your diet is the ability to pause in time and connect with a deeper, calmer place inside that remembers your desire to be different.
Fostering stillness is important because it’s the doorway to building an inner life and being present. When that becomes your center of gravity you are less likely to pulled off center by food and emotions.

To deepen your well of stillness and calm the 1st Source focuses on developing body awareness skills, learning about the mechanics of your day that contribute to your speed or fatigue, stillness and meditation practices to build presence, and mindful eating focuses to help you enrich the nourishment you gain from eating.

2nd SOURCE — Vision. Becoming who you are. Establishing an observer.

Establishing an observer is another point of leverage because it gives you the ability to see yourself and what you do with objectivity. We know that awareness is the first step of change and the insights you gain from having an observer give you clues for creating strategies for new choices that you can commit to. Clarity of vision is key because it gives you meaning, and inspiration to guide your daily actions. When your choices align with your values it concentrates the potency of your efforts by reinforcing your sense of purpose and integrity.

The 2nd Source focuses on developing your observer – that place of separation in yourself that is able to notice what is going on inside of you without getting lost in your doing or how you feel. It’s a place of relaxed neutrality. Connecting with your vision, reflecting on your experiences, journaling your insights, and working towards an upright and open posture all contribute to helping you strengthen your observer and keep the big view on what your life is about.

3rd SOURCE — Impressions. Attunement with quality. Accessing intangible food sources.

Enhancing your inner and outer environment is instrumental to drawing on nourishment beyond your physical food. Everything is a source of energy you can draw from or not depending on how you set yourself up internally and the qualities in your surroundings.

The theme of the 3rd Source of nourishment involves developing sensitivity to quality and refining your senses. Creating nourishing spaces in the places you live your life, attentiveness to quality food and qualities of food, bringing your awareness and presence as an ingredient in your meals, and attuning to the energies in nature all contribute to deeper nourishment.

4th SOURCE — Body and Vitality. Open and upright posture. Grounding.

The body is the vehicle for your spirit and how well you care for it directly reflects on your daily and long term quality of life. Regular activity you enjoy is fundamental to physical and emotional vitality.

The 4th Source nurtures your physical body so that it does not weigh on your spirit. The key elements that reinforce the body’s natural harmony start with a focus on learning to maintain an open and upright posture that originates from full contact with the ground. This focus is carried into conscious eating practice combined with using your observer to study the energetic effects of how, what and when you eat. Consistency with a physical activity plan is an important aspect of vitality on all levels.

5th SOURCE — Being your True Self. Being true to your self. Discernment.

Happiness is found by being your true self. When you miss the mark with that it opens the door for a host of negative emotions – guilt, fear, anxiety, depression, regret, resentment. Bringing congruence between your actions and your inner truth is a pillar in the foundation for vitality and well-being.

The 5th Source focuses on how you relate to yourself internally and also to the world around you. Learning to be aware of your feelings and needs is an important focus because lack of self-acceptance and unrecognized feelings and unmet needs are the driving belt of most unhealthy choices. Another aspect is studying how you portray yourself through different venues – clothes, things, people, expression – and whether your expression reflects the real you. This Source continues work with developing discernment and taste with your diet in order to learn what’s right for you and to distinguish real needs versus cravings.

6th SOURCE — Energy balance. Building and containing energy. Focuses.

Your experiences, thoughts, and emotions all carry an energetic charge. Learning to use internal and external focuses to set yourself up to contain the energy of your experiences is indispensable if you want to generate more energy rather than constantly dissipating it away and needing sugar, caffeine or stimulation or sleep to recover.

To help you learn how to build energy throughout your day and week, the 6th Source teaches you how to work with internal focuses and set daily intentions. Other key elements to help you hold onto your energy include improving your discernment with the quality and energetic effect of foods on you; and plugging up the leaks in the energy gained or lost at key transitions in your day.

7th SOURCE — Connection. Service. Care of the planet.

All levels of life are interconnected and each level provides a source of nourishment for other levels. Your most satiating nourishment and deepest peace can be found by rediscovering your place in the chain through teamwork, service, and giving of yourself.

The 7th Source is the one that can break the spell of self-absorption and help you reconnect with your heart and your caring. The opportunities are vast but the important thing is to find small ways to involve yourself – volunteer, set an intention to help create harmony in a conversation or endeavor, cook a meal with mindfulness, practice gratitude, care for the planet by choosing organic food, going green, or planting a garden.