About Holistic Life Coaching

How does DietAlchemy Holistic Lifc Coaching work?


DietAlchemy Holistic Life Coaching with Lynn Smith is rooted in the 7 Sources of Nourishment. It provides you with an on-going source of inspiration and practical wisdom for moving forward in your life towards the reality of vitality, balance and well-being. When you commit to working with a coach you’re making a strong statement to your higher self that you are ready for change and growth, which sets in motion unseen forces inside and outside of you that bring in the help you need to properly nurture your seed to fruition – and have some fun along the way!


Your exploration of the 7 Sources of Nourishment starts by taking a deeper look at your vision for your life and using that as your inspiration for designing your nourishment plan. With DietAlchemy Coaching you create momentum, set realistic goals and stay focused on them, take yourself more seriously (or not, whichever is the case), and follow through more quickly with your plans, all of which help you create a life of meaning, integrity and purpose.


For sustainable change you need to create a harmonious lifestyle that supports staying in contact with your inner life. DietAlchemy Coaching requires a 3-6 month commitment to allow the time it takes for this process to unfold. When you collaborate with a coach you also get the tools, accountability and problem-solving expertise you need to do more than you would have on your own – and it’s only a phone call away. Coaching can be done in-person or on the phone to accommodate a full schedule.

When could DietAlchemy coaching energize your life?

  • When you want to be present and live more authentically but feel challenged by the demands of your life.
  • When you want to create a more holistic lifestyle and aren’t sure where to start.
  • When you feel frustrated that you don’t stay with your good intentions for taking care of yourself or eating healthier despite everything you know about health and healing.
  • When you are struggling with the same old diet issues over and over again and not getting anywhere.
  • When you feel empty inside and know that you have a lot to offer but can’t quite connect the dots on taking the next step.
  • When you have a good life but things feel flat and you’re not sure what is missing.
  • When you know you’re tolerating or stagnating in your life and long for meaning and purpose.
  • When you know what you need to do and could use support to follow through with your plans.
  • When you’ve read stacks of self-help, healing, and diet books looking for answers and yet still like something is missing about how to feel good in your life.

Working with a DietAlchemy coach helps you…

  • Take action and follow through with your intentions consistently.
  • Begin to feel more calm and centered amidst the fluctuations of life without turning to food.
  • Make consistent progress with whatever your goals and aspirations are.
  • Get back on track more quickly when you get off course.
  • Create a solid base with your plans for physical activity.
  • Follow through on the wisdom of your higher self to build credibility and integrity with yourself.
  • Creative problem solve places in your life that you feel stuck by fears or obstacles.
  • Talk out your own solutions and come up with effective strategies.
  • Develop the ability to discern what and how much your body truly needs as fuel.
  • Develop your body awareness so that it can inform your inner wisdom.
  • Learn to taste and sense more deeply so your senses work for you rather than against you.
  • Learn how to eat less and feel more satisfied in tangible and intangible ways.
  • Discover how to build more energy throughout your day.
  • Learn how to use your diet as a spiritual practice to further your inner growth.
  • Understand the link between your food, your emotions and the vitality of your organs.
  • Keep the thread of stillness and calm you have in your most peaceful moments.
  • Bring sacredness and ritual into your everyday life.