Eat Well for Sobriety Program

Sobriety & Biochemical Repair

Cravings?  Sober, but feeling bad?  Poor sleep, depressed, anxious?

Sobriety doesn’t have to mean feeling bad physically or emotionally, but for many people all too often this is the case. Substance abuse, whether it is alcohol, drugs or food, causes real, measurable damage to the body. While addiction nutrition for recovery is still unknown to many people seeking to regain their energy and overcome depression, anxiety, and insomnia, hopefully at some point it will become standard of care. The longer these symptoms persist the more susceptible one is to relapse.

The Eat Well for Sobriety Program addresses how to use food and nutrients to repair this biochemical damage.  A functional nutrition plan built upon a foundation of real food, regular meals and snacks, functional lab testing, and personalized nutrient therapy, helps balance blood sugar, replenish hormones and brain chemicals, and results in improvements in mood, anxiety and sleep. Cravings disappear and your vitality returns as you build the foundation for sustainable health.

In addition to private consultations the Eat Well for Sobriety Program may be offered as a 3-week class or as a weekend seminar. The groups have a warm, friendly atmosphere that is educational and informative.

Recovery Life Coaching

Rhythm is the keeper of health, and when there is something wrong with the health, the rhythm in some way or other has gone wrong, as when the tick of the clock gets out of rhythm the clock goes too fast or too slow, and it does not give the proper time.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

The healing power of food and nutrients is evident in how good you begin to feel as your addiction nutrition and recovery diet plan takes hold but the next step is to maintain that feeling over time. That’s when you can benefit from a recovery coach to help you stabilize your recovery and build a foundation for further personal growth.

Start by reviewing the areas of your life that are important to your feeling of well-being and then with your recovery coach develop a step by step plan to make your vision a reality. Coaching makes maintaining recovery easier by adding clarity, structure and accountability and supports using your personal insight and aspiration as the foundation for your recovery program.

Addiction Nutrition Works!

“After being through several treatment programs I always found myself sober but still feeling anxious and depressed.  Lynn’s nutritional approach to recovery was the missing piece to actually feeling good again and maintaining my sobriety.”
Denver, CO

“As a 53 year old Type A workaholic, semi-serious athlete and heavy drinker I was headed downhill when I started working with Lynn.  Lynn helped me get healthy again with a customized program of diet and supplements along with valuable psychological insights.  I’m now at 10% body fat, work out every day again and feel the best I have in 14 years.”
Boulder, CO