Functional Nutrition Lab Testing

A different lens

Functional nutrition lab testing and blood chemistry analysis are progressive tools in functional nutritional medicine for resolving symptoms and achieving optimum health. It is common for clients to have symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, poor focus, insomnia, muscle aches and pains, or weight gain and be told “they are fine,” at least according to their medical provider’s assessment of their lab results. And in reality they are not fine. You don’t just get a chronic disease overnight. It’s a slow progressive slide of your metabolism going out of balance in response to to your influences from your diet, stress level, environment, and genetics.

What are the key differences with a functional nutrition lab analysis?

  • Your lab test results are evaluated through the lens of optimal ranges which can indicate imbalances earlier in disease progression.
  • Functional blood chemistry lab testing looks at patterns within your results to identify physiological imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.
  • While the standard “normal” ranges found on common labs are useful for diagnosing disease they do not operate from a perspective of prevention. Normal doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Rather than wait for an actual disease diagnosis functional nutrition blood chemistry labs test ranges indicate when you and your health are heading in the wrong direction. This buys you time to activate the body’s natural healing capacities using commonsense strategies like a nutrient dense anti-inflammatory diet, stress reduction, physical activity, and work-life balance.

What can functional lab testing be used for?

Functional nutrition lab testing and blood chemistry analysis can be used to evaluate neurotransmitter, hormone, energy and metabolism imbalances, the microbiome, gut health, digestion, inflammation & detoxification imbalances, amino acid status, metabolic function, nutrient and antioxidant  status, blood sugar regulation, thyroid health, liver and kidney function, and mineral and toxic element levels.

  • Energy – HPA stress profile – Salivary testing of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and is the test functional nutrition medicine practitioners use to assess adrenal fatigue.
  • Cognitive & brain – MTHFR, genetic tests for brain function, histamines, pyrroles
  • Digestion – stool tests, gluten intolerance, celiac disease, food intolerances & sensitivities
  • Optimal nutrition evaluation – indicates functional nutrient status; malabsorption & dysbiosis; cellular energy & mitochondrial metabolism; neurotransmitter metabolism; vitamin deficiencies; and toxin exposure & detoxification need.
  • Additional blood chemistry testing from your health care provider may be suggested as indicated.

Regain balance

If you are having common symptoms like fatigue, indigestion or sleep issues don’t medicate them away and bury them deeper and don’t accept “there is nothing wrong with you.” At that point it’s much more challenging to regain your balance and you become more dependent on the standard medical system. If you are tired of the prescription as the solution and have an innate sense of wholeness that can be gained with real food and a balanced lifestyle then we can help you create a sustainable health plan to regain your vitality, balance, and well-being. Contact us online contact form if you would like to explore a personalized functional nutrition program.