“Working with Lynn has been a great education. I have more confidence shopping and preparing foods because I have more information about what works for me. I’ve developed a better relationship with myself because I’m listening with sensitivity to my body’s needs. I’ve also found that eating more vegetables in my diet has given me a sense of groundedness I never had before. Thanks Lynn, with this new understanding I can take my healthier eating habits into the rest of my life! Changing my diet has been one of the most profound experiences I have had of the many healing avenues I have pursued.”
Jane S.

“The best part of working with Lynn was the individual, customized nutritional plan. Within 3 months, I felt a lot more energetic and was able to start aerobics and Pilates classes. I have lost 9 pounds and 2 inches from my waist so far. My cholesterol is the lowest that it has been in 17 years,”
Mary H.

“Lynn Smith is a true gem! She takes diet to a deeper level than the average nutritionist and provides a loving and supportive environment in which to learn. I have learned that nourishment is not only about what I eat, but it is also about why I eat, when I eat, and how I eat. Lynn is extremely knowledgeable and motivates me to focus on how food makes me feel, with a goal of feeling healthy, strong, satisfied, and energized.
Heather H.

“The word “diet” has always raised the hair on the back of my neck. I was on starvation wrestling diets for six years. I refuse to go hungry and food is very important to me. You have taught me how to adjust my eating habits so that my taste buds and stomach feel satisfied, and yet my body is getting everything it needs to function at its’ maximum capacity. I no longer crave sweets, pasta, pizza, coffee, doughnuts and all those things that imbalance my blood sugar. The best part about working with you Lynn is that you helped me with my nutritional concerns without ever belittling me.”
Steve B.

“As a 53 year old Type A workaholic, semi-serious athlete and hearty party-er I was headed downhill when I started working with Lynn. Lynn helped me get healthy again over the past two years with a customized program of diet and supplements along with valuable psychological insights. I’m now at 10% body fat, work out 2 hours a day and feel the best I have in 14 years.”
Scott C.

“After being through numerous programs for eating disorders treatment, I found Lynn to be the most positive and helpful nutritional counselor I’ve ever worked with. Her workshops and private counseling have taught me to view my life in a way where all the parts work together – one whole person with a way of eating that makes me feel satisfied and alive.”
Sarah T.

“As a vegan with diet-related health issues, I was able to understand exactly what I needed to do to improve my health after attending Lynn’s nutrition talk. Her speaking style is clear and straightforward and she made it easy to understand how my diet has affected my health.”
Kathryn Y.

“With Lynn’s recommendation, I started modifying the diet for Matt, my nine year old son. At the beginning of this school year I also started him on multivitamins and fish oil. We held Matt back for a year, and he was still performing below average in school. Here comes the great news, he just got his first report card for this year and his grades were all A’s and B’s. In his class, he was also voted as the best student of the month. We have avoided putting him on drugs for ADD. We have spent thousands for an Occupational Therapist to treat him for Sensory Integration Disorder and also thousands for specialized eyesight therapy. Both of these helped, but he was still underperforming in school. Nothing has worked as good as just simply changing his diet and giving him supplements. This has been more effective, way less costly, and what is really great is not having to run him all around Denver for these other treatments. Way to go Lynn.”
Steve B.

“I have been seeing Lynn for almost a year for nutritional needs. Prior to her help, I was getting ill monthly. My physical body was extremely out of balance and I was gaining weight but eating the same. I was tired, stressed, and depressed. Lynn was able to quickly see what I could do with my diet and nutrients to address my concerns. My health has returned. I no longer require an antidepressant, my body weight has not only stabilized, but I have been able to lose pounds and inches. In addition to her excellent nutritional know-how, she is sensitive, compassionate, kind and truly cares about her clients. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist. She has been a true support and help to me.”
Wendy J.

“I just can’t imagine you doing a better job for me. As you know, all the parts are connected and interdependent. I’d guess that most nutritionists tend to relate to their clients solely on the level of calories and supplements and such. I want you to know how much I value being able to come in there and talk about the things that are actually going on with me – the full range of obstacles, real-life struggles, etc.

I always come out of there with something – particularly on the days when I arrive feeling down – feeling that I’ve not made any progress and have nothing good to report. Somehow you consistently motivate me without resorting to jumping on my shit – both mysterious and phenomenal. I think you’d make an excellent therapist. Thank you for helping me this year.”
Jim C.

“Everyone should know this stuff! ….No, wait a minute – if everyone knew this stuff then I would be out of business. This isn’t just about losing weight.”
Dr. Elisabeth K. MD
Boulder, CO